Retro(ish) Cardio Dance Party!


Dance with us to all of your favourite crazes through the decades!

Take a trip through time and space as we visit dance styles and bangin’ tunes that span the decades! From salsa to K-pop, from country to club, you can count on two things: buckets of sweat and absolute silliness. Jenn and Shelby will demonstrate high- and low-impact options galore.

Get out those leg warmers and fanny packs - costumes are not required but are absolutely encouraged!


“Challenging but easily modified when you needed it. Jenn and Shelby’s energy was infectious and you could tell they were really enjoying it, which made everyone in the room feel the same way. I can’t wait until they teach another one!”

Sarah F.

“I had a great time at the cardio dance party. It’s a full hour of fun moves and laughs with a great crew.”

Aretha M.

It was such a hit that we decided to make it a monthly event!

Jenn Farrell

Jenn Farrell is the owner and head coach of Witness the Fitness. A personal trainer and group fitness instructor, Jenn is also an unabashed ‘80s and ‘90s aerobics enthusiast who loves teaching all kinds of people, but especially beginners.

Shelby Shukaliak

Shelby Shukaliak is a group fitness instructor and junior coach at Witness the Fitness. When she’s not teaching, she’s behind the desk as WTF’s beloved administrative assistant. Outside of the gym, she can be found dragon boating on False Creek, playing bass, or singing Dolly Parton karaoke.

Witness the Fitness offers an alternative to appearance-based fitness culture. Traditional gyms and trainers create environments that can make many people—especially women—feel discouraged, unsafe, or unwelcome. We help create confident, empowered athletes at every size and age.

Whether you’ve never touched a weight in your life, are longing to return to a time when you felt strong and capable, or are ready to take your training to the next level, you’ll discover a fun and supportive community built on respect, encouragement, and true inclusion.  |  +1 778-230-9261

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