Witness the Fitness is currently closed to new personal training clients.

We’d love to see you instead at our available classes and workshops!

I’m Jenn Farrell, head coach of Witness the Fitness

Vancouver, British Columbia 

Witness the Fitness offers an alternative to appearance-based fitness culture. Traditional gyms and trainers create environments that can make many people—especially women—feel discouraged, unsafe, or unwelcome. We help create confident, empowered athletes at every size and age.

Whether you’ve never touched a weight in your life, are longing to return to a time when you felt strong and capable, or are ready to take your training to the next level, you’ll discover a fun and supportive community built on respect, encouragement, and true inclusion.

In-person Personal Training

Whether you come solo or with a training buddy, in-gym personal training provides the undivided attention and hands-on experience that ensures your safety and accommodates any special issues you might have. You’ll become a better mover with less pain, learn the WHY behind specific movements, and feel stronger than ever before!

Open Gym

As long as we’re here, you can be too! Come on by and use the gym however you need. Unlimited monthly memberships available.

For most up to date hours, check out our Instagram!

  • Tuesday 7am-6pm

  • Wednesday 7am-12pm

  • Thursday 7am-6pm

  • Friday 7am-5:30pm

  • Saturday 8am-3pm

Coaching Calls

You have questions: is this type of training right for me? How does it work? What if I’m not already “fit”? An intro call is the perfect time to ask me anything! It’s always free, and there’s absolutely no obligation to buy anything in future. For current/former clients with specific concerns, coaching calls are our “deep dive” on motivation, nutrition, injury prevention, you name it!

Be in the know

I’ll send the occasional email when I have something really exciting to share!

This is also the best place for COVID-19 updates & announcements.

info@witnessthefitness.ca  |  +1 778-230-9261

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